Sunday, February 14, 2010

A new Year...A new Car

My sweet husband was willing to sell his Jeep so I can have my car. I absolutely love it!! She is a pretty pearl color green/grey/pink. I have named her Tink because her color reminds me of Tinkerbell...The pics dont give her justice.

A Bianchi Christmas...

Bella was in a Christmas musical at our church. She was the youngest on the stage but she did great singing the songs and doing the hand motions.
One of the several Christmas outfits to one of the several Christmas parties.

Matching Big Sis.....she is growning up so fast.

Angelena in her school play. She got the role of dancer the reindeer...she did a great job!

Girls helping me decorate our Beautiful Tree....just look at all those stockings!!!!!

The First Snow of the Season

Dovey the snowman.....he has dove chocolates for the eyes.
Building of the snow man......

Lots and Lots of pretty white stuff.

Bella Turns Three!!!

Bella and her friend Maisy from preschool shared a birthday party at the gymnastic place. Her she is eating her Birthday cake in her own style.
Dad and bro hanging out in foam pit with Bella Boo.

Smile for the camera Birthday Girl.

The day of her Birthday we decided to drive down to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday dinner and some pizza and Wow Chuck E Cheese brought her a cake.

We got her some princess dolls...she like her present.

Octobers Happenings

My little princess Aurora and little Rockstar Hannah Montana all ready for Halloween.
Girls showing off the pumpkins that they carved. rick being silly. Yes, Bellas has a pacifer.

Bella enjoyed getting her hands all goopy.

The kids have a week off in October so we took one day and went to the folsom Zoo...

We had alot of fun.

Miley Cyrus Concert

Angelena and I had a blast going to see MILEY CYRUS. She was so excited when I told her I got tickets. Above is a pic of Miley Riding a motorcycle over the crowd. Angelena thought that was so cool. It was a fun first concert for her.
Yes we were pretty far away but it was so worth it.

Waiting for the show to start. She loved the program, in fact she made one of her own life...of her dance recitals and family cute.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Day at the Lake

Tony reeling a fish in...................
This is Tonys only fish he caught....Joe caught two....and I caught three....none for Zack and Rick..........the girls caught a crawdad

They took turns going out on the bites out there but it was a beautiful day

Zack was a great day for a picnic....

Bella enjoyed fishing....and I enjoyed the sun. :-) It was a fun family day in the Sierra Buttes!!!! Gold Lake.